Sunday, March 22, 2009

My First Post!

Yes, I love Queenstown. Here is my blog - well hopefully my travel blog.

Being addicted to travel - we work to holiday! My hubby and I run our own business in Brisbane, Queensland and use every opportunity we can find, to travel.

One of our favourite destinations, ok my very favourite place in the world, is Queenstown. Ever since my first visit in 2004, I have wanted to spend every winter there and hope to one day, live there.

Queenstown is the prettiest place in the world! Gorgeous lake, surrounded by snow capped mountains, friendly people and fantastic accommodation.

This June will be my fifth visit since 2004. I had to miss 2005 as our son was a little bub and we didn't know how he would go with the travelling. Needless to say, now at the age of 4, he is addicted to travel as well.

A few weeks ago we popped down to Tassie for my birthday weekend. We thought we would check it out, just to see if we might like to spend our winter holiday there, rather than New Zealand. Tassie was gorgeous, we had a lovely time.....yummy food, great accommodation, great history and friendly people. Still I can't go pass New Zealand

We have now booked our airfares and now deciding on accommodation. We have found a gorgeous house at Arthur's Point (but no lake views) or we do stay right on the lake at the Rees? I love the idea of a house, but will I feel I am missing out if we do not see the lake, the Remarkables and check out if snow has fallen overnight on Deer Park?

I have to decide by tomorrow if we want the house.............ah hard decision.

I always check out our accommodation on and Rees has fantastic reviews. I also like the idea of popping down to the bar for a drink once the kids are all tucked up.

Well I will just have to sleep on it.................